How Can We Accommodate Your Business?

Whether you are expanding, downsizing or simply want to move, Reitir can help you and your business.

Iceland’s Leading Provider of Customized Real Estate for Innovative Organizations

Reitir is focused on retail, office and hospitality real estate in Iceland’s capital area, our portfolio consists of about 135 properties. Well-known properties in the portfolio include the Kringlan shopping centre, Reykjavik Hilton, the local Stock Exchange building and some well-known rows of buildings in Reykjavik's historical centre.

Reitir's employees have vast experience and knowledge of every corner of the commercial real estate market. We focus on tailoring real estate to clients needs and fostering mutually beneficial long-term business relationships with our tenants. 

Reitir's shares are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Iceland Exchange and Reitir is a member of the OMX Iceland 8 index.