Retail space available for rent in Reykjavik, Kópavogur and beyond.

Fiskislóð 10 1155 m2

Fiskislóð 10

Building for rent at Fiskislóð in the Grandi area. Two floors, both with open plan workspaces, offices, and boardrooms as well as lunchrooms and washrooms. The upper floor also has two shower rooms. T…
Retail 1155 m2 Available soon More
Höfðabakki 9, Reykjavík 452 m2

Höfðabakki 9, Reykjavík

Bright ground floor retail, service or office space available soon.

Retail 452 m2 Available soon More
Þverholt, Mosfellsbær 612 m2

Þverholt, Mosfellsbær

Refurbished retail or service space in Mosfellsbær.

Retail 612 m2 Available on short notice More
Digranesgata, Borgarnes 770 m2

Digranesgata, Borgarnes

Retail space with good accessibility and visibility.

Retail 770 m2 Available upon signing More
Fitjar, Reykjanesbæ 900 m2

Fitjar, Reykjanesbæ

Well located retail premises. 

Retail 900 m2 Available upon signing More
Höfðabakki 9 410 m2

Höfðabakki 9

A combined showroom/office and workshop/industrial space.

Retail 410 m2 Available upon signing More
Laugavegur/Grettisgata 502 m2


Office with private entrance, high ceilings and parking.

Retail 502 m2 Available More
Aðalstræti 2, Reykjavík 200 - 668 m2

Aðalstræti 2, Reykjavík

Office and/or retail space in a beautiful traditional building. Many sizes available.

Retail 200 - 668 m2 Available soon More
Holtagarðar 486 & 1.362 m2


Large retail spaces available for rent.

Retail 486 & 1.362 m2 Available upon signing More
Langirimi - for sale or rent 404 m2

Langirimi - for sale or rent

Retail or light industrial space on the ground floor in an established residential area.

Retail 404 m2 Available upon signing More
Þverholt, Mosfellsbær 78 m2

Þverholt, Mosfellsbær

Retail or service space in "Kjarninn" in Mosfellsbær

Retail 78 m2 Available upon signing More
Melabraut 29 396 m2

Melabraut 29

Retail or service space for sale or rent in Hafnarfjörður

Retail 396 m2 Available upon signing More
Miðvangur Egilsstöðum 254 m2

Miðvangur Egilsstöðum

Well located retail space in Egilsstaðir

Retail 254 m2 Available upon signing More
Hvannavellir, Akureyri 313 m2

Hvannavellir, Akureyri

Retail premises or service provision areas that are to be renewed for new lessees.

Retail 313 m2 Available More
Þverholt 133 m2


Retail or service space with good accessibility and plenty of parking.

Retail 133 m2 Available soon More
Miðvangur, Egilsstaðir 142 m2

Miðvangur, Egilsstaðir

Excellent retail premises in Egilsstaðir.

Retail 142 m2 Available on signing More
Garðarsbraut 62, Húsavík 100 m2

Garðarsbraut 62, Húsavík

Retail space in North Iceland

Retail 100 m2 Available More

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