Kringlan Shopping Centre

Kringlan is Reykjavík's largest shopping centre, with over 180 diverse shops, restaurants and service providers.

Kringlan Shopping Centre

Kringlan is the largest shopping centre in Reykjavík, with over 180 diverse shops, restaurants and service providers.

Kringlan celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017.

Pálmi Jónsson, generally associated with Hagkaup, a local supermarket chain, was the initiator of Kringlan, Iceland's first shopping mall. Pálmi took untrodden paths in his business dealings when he established Hagkaup in 1960 as a mail order business and discount shop using an American business model where prices were extremely low. His ideas were unpopular with the elite but were well received by the general public and helped Hagkaup to become extremely influential.

When Kringlan was opened, it housed 76 shops and service providers on three floors. Retail square footage in Reykjavík increased by 9%. Significant consideration was spent on the quality of the building itself. Initially, the building was drawn by architects Richard Abrams, Hrafnkell Thorlacius and Hilmar Ólafsson with architects Halldór Guðmundsson and Kristinn Ragnarsson joining the team during the final stages. In 1991, the Borgarkringlan was opened, a kind of “mini-Kringla”, which stood between Kringlan and Borgarleikhúsið (Reykjavík City Theatre) and housed among other things Kringlubíó (a cinema) and Kringlukráin (a bar/restaurant). In 1997, Kringlan and Borgarkringlan were linked together into a single building with a 4,000 m2 connective building. The Kringlan shopping centre, at its 25-year anniversary in 2012, had over 170 shops, restaurants and service providers. 


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