The hotels in Reitir's portfolio are among the best known and firmly established hotels in Reykjavík.


Hótel Reykjavík Natura and Hilton Reykjavik Nordica are the largest hotel buildings in the Reitir portfolio. The company, moreover, owns the premises of Hótel Borg, Hótel Ísland, Hótel Alda and more.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, Nauthólsvegur 52

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura Exterior

In 1962, ground was broken for the large building that was to house the offices of the Loftleiðir airline company as well as being a hotel at Reykjavík Airport. The Hotel was constructed in 1965–1966 and considerably enlarged in 1970. Numerous well-known persons have stayed at the hotel. During the World Chess Championship between Boris Spassky and Robert Fischer in 1972, Fischer stayed the entire time in a suite at Hotel Loftleiðir and was seen to be rather eccentric in behaviour. As a rule, he stayed awake well into the night and went for long walks in the neighbourhood and then slept well into the day, which meant that he was often late to the match and had, more often than not, not had anything to eat.

The hotel was superbly renovated in 2011, and at the same time, its name was changed to Hotel Reykjavik Natura. The hotel has 220 rooms, and the decor of each is based on themes sourced from Icelandic nature: geothermal energy, northern lights, volcanism and water. The operation of the hotel has been certified according to the ISO 14001 standard as an environmentally friendly operation.

Hótel Borg, Pósthússtræti 9-11

Hótel Borg

Hótel Borg is an elegant hotel located at Pósthússtræti 9-11 in Reykjavík. The rooms are all decorated in Art Deco style and reflect, thereby, the external appearance and history of the hotel. The building was designed in 1917 by Guðjón Samuelsson, the former State Architect of Iceland. The newer wing of the hotel, Pósthússtræti 9, was built in 1959.

The hotel was built by Jóhannes Jósefsson in 1930. Jóhannes had built a reputation overseas as a wrestler and performed with Barnum & Bailey Circus and participated in the Olympic games in 1908. He returned to Iceland as a well-off man, and with the help of Jónas frá Hriflu (prominent Icelandic politician), he decided to invest in the construction of a luxury hotel, the first in Iceland. The cornerstone of the hotel was laid in 1928. Only 18 months later, or in January 1930, Hotel Borg opened its restaurant, and four months after that, the hotel itself was opened. After the opening of the hotel, Jóhannes was usually called Jóhannes á Borg. 


Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, Suðurlandsbraut 2

Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, Suðurlandsbraut 2

In 1970 to 1971, a new hotel was opened in Reykjavík with around 170 rooms. The name of the hotel was Hotel Esja and was owned by the auto magnate Kristján Kristjánsson from Akureyri. Later, it was taken over by Flugleiðir, and in 1999, Reitir’s precursor, Þyrping hf., purchased the hotel. A number of world-famous persons have stayed at the hotel. Bob Dylan held a concert in Laugardalshöll (sports arena) in the summer of 1990. He stayed at Hotel Esja. A large number of reporters and other fans staked out the front of the Laugardalshöll when Bob Dylan was expected to arrive in the hope of seeing him before the concert. He had, however, borrowed a bicycle at the hotel and used a different route than expected and was able to enter the venue unseen by the back door. 

During 2001 to 2003, the hotel was enlarged by almost half, and the entire building changed completely. Following these changes, the name of the hotel was changed to Nordica Hotel and became the largest hotel in Iceland, with 284 rooms. It had changed from a typical tourist hotel to a conference and business hotel with eleven conference halls and restaurants together with an exhibition area and fitness centre. Among the additions were 23 suites on the 9th floor of the hotel, two of which are high-quality apartments.


Alda Hotel Reykjavík, Laugavegur 66-70

Alda Hotel Reykjavík, Laugavegur 66-70

Reitir purchased the premises of Alda Hotel Reykjavík in January 2017. The hotel is located at Laugavegur 66-70. The premises of the hotel consist of several linked buildings that are a total of more than 4,000 m2. The premises have been completely renovated, both inside and out, tastefully and attractively. 


Hótel Ísland, Ármúli 9

Hótel Ísland, Ármúla 9

Reitir purchased the company Hótel Ísland ehf., which owns the property at Ármúli 9 in Reykjavík, in 2015. The premises consist of a 9,300 m2 hotel building which houses a conventional tourist hotel, a patient recovery hotel and health-related operations. Hótel Ísland was renovated in 2015. A popular nightclub, Broadway, used to be operated in the hotel. 

The hotel is extremely elegant, as it was largely renovated in 2015 due to the changed focus in operation. A proportion of the rooms on the first floor were renovated, as was the entire top floor. The top floor was totally renewed and now boasts of six new elegant suites, all of which have spacious seating areas and fantastic views over the city. The changes to the floor were designed by, among others, THG Architects. The hotel’s reception and dining rooms were also given a facelift. A window partition made of black iron divides the reception from a warm cosmopolitan coffee shop that has a brick wall and a bar with open shelving. The coffee shop creates a contrast to the new, bright and open reception that receives the clients of the health centre and guests who intend to use the hot tubs, hot yoga hall or other services in the health centre in the hotel.

The new reception is located in the part of the hotel that used to house Broadway. The space is unrecognisable from what it used to be: a large skylight allows daylight in where the stage used to be, and the new wood panelling on the walls acts as sound insulation as well as providing warmth to this bright space. Operating theatre with an observation booth for teaching purposes. The medical centre has been named Klíníkin and has four operating theatres equipped with the latest machines and equipment. Klíníkin focuses on women’s health; it has a specialised breast centre as well as focusing on pelvic diaphragm surgery, urinary tract surgery, plastic surgery and other general surgical procedures for men and women. In addition, there will be considerable focus on the musculoskeletal system, pain treatment centre and joint replacement surgery. At one of the surgeries, there is a teaching booth which allows students, specialists and others to observe surgeries through a window and speak to surgeons through a special sound system during the surgery. This is the first time that such a teaching facility is incorporated into a surgical theatre here in Iceland. The facilities are eminently suitable for conferences in the field of medicine, and several international medical conferences have already been organised in the premises.

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