Þverholt Mosfellsbær

Well located office in Mosfellsbær. The reception has double ceiling height where the upper floor is open with a corridor on a balcony overlooking the reception. This is a well-designed space that will be beautiful after undergoing renovations and repairs in line with the needs of a new tenant. Currently, the space is divided into many offices (formerly doctor's offices, many with a sink), but it would be possible to create an open-plan work area if needed. The space is on two floors, the lower floor is about 530 sqm and the upper almost 300 square meters. Two staircases, on the one hand, a well-proportioned staircase but also a spiral staircase at the other end of the premises. The building has various services.

Reitir can adapt the space and renovate it to suit new activities. The space is vacant and can be handed over at short notice taking into account the amount of refurbishment required.

825 m2
Currently available
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