Höfðabakki Tailor-made office space

Offices refurbished to meet your company's needs. 

  • 4th floor: Half floor, 910 sq. m. 
  • 2nd floor: Whole floor, ca. 455 sq. m.
  • 1st floor: Office, retail or service space, 452 sq. m.

Basement storage rooms can accompany the office spaces.  The building enjoys excellent accessibility. The office park also houses a restaurant, gym, post office and more. Visitor parking is directly outside. Hand over date is negotiable but partly based on the agreed refurbishment. For further information, please contact our sales manager, Mr. Halldor Jensson at + 354 840 2100 or halldor@reitir.is.

450-1500 m2
Available soon
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