Aðalstræti 2, Reykjavík

200 to 885 sqm of office and retail/service space available in historic houses on the corner of Aðalstræti and Vesturgata. The houses were carefully renovated around the turn of the century and connected with a glass building and a lift. The house facing Aðalstræti is for rent in its entirety as well as the 2nd and 3rd floors of the house which faces Vesturgata. Both the basement and 1st floor of that building are occupied by restaurants.

There are many options for rental space ranging from 885sqm or spaces from around 200sqm. The houses were carefully restored by the Minjavernd in accordance with modern requirements but keeping the original appearance of the houses from 1855 and 1905.

The house facing the main street is divided as follows:

  • The 1st floor (street level) is a retail or service space with large windows as well as a dedicated area on the covered square. A beautiful staircase leads to the upper floors of the building but access is also via another staircase and a lift in the common area. The space is about 200 square meters. Beautiful ceilings with many fixed light fixtures and traditional floorboards.
  • The 2nd floor is an office space with a few offices / meeting rooms as well as open space. A dedicated area within the glass building accompanies this space as well as a 37 sqm office or meeting room that looks out to the covered square. The space is about 205 square meters.
  • The third floor is about 63 square meters with a coffee room and work/meeting space. The third floor is accessible only through the stairwell of the house, not from the common area and is therefore rented with the 2nd floor.

The house facing Vesturgata is divided as follows:

  • The 2nd floor has an office space of 209 square meters. There are two entrances into office, either through the Vesturgata stairway or through the glass building where there is both a staircase and a lift.
  • The 3rd floor is an office space of 209 sqm with a common entrance through the open square via stairs or lift. Bright space with tall sloping ceilings with, beautiful classic windows on gables and skylights that bring ample light into the center of the room. The lift opens directly into the space.

All spaces have beautiful woodwork, traditional floorboards, and classic windows. Reitir can adapt spaces to accommodate new tenants by e.g. moving partitioning walls etc., to the extent permissible with regard to housing protection rules. Handover dates are negotiable. VAT housing.

For further information please contact Halldór Jensson, Sales Manager, tel. +354 840 2100 or email halldor@reitir.is.

Aðalstræti 2, together with the buildings facing Vesturgata, are collectively named Ingólfsnaust, or Ingólfur’s landing, as according to oral history this was where Ingólfur Árnason, the first settler, landed his boats. The remains of the landing site were still visible in the 18th century. The current front building, facing Aðalstræti, was built in 1855, while the back houses, used as the merchant’s warehouses, were built for the most part in 1905. At the time, the buildings were owned by the company H. P. Duus which was responsible for extensive trade and sailboat operations in Reykjavík. All the buildings were renovated according to their original appearance in 1999 to 2003 and linked together with a connecting structure made of glass.

For further information, please contact our sales manager, Mr. Halldor Jensson, by email halldor@reitir.is or by phone +354 840 2100.

200 - 668 m2
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