Klettagardar 6

Warehouse or industrial space with a total area of 2,819 sq m. The ground floor is 1,775 sq m with three large garage doors and a ceiling height of 10,7 to 12,7 meters. The second floor consists of warehouse space with room for 1,200 pallettes on shelves and 400 in a large freezer, as well as offices, meeting rooms, and staff facilities. On the third floor, an office overlooks the ground floor. 

The building has ample outside parking within a large outdoor area. The location is excellent, close to the port of Sundahöfn. 

For further information, please contact our Sales Manager, Mr. Halldór Jensson,  at 840 2100 or halldor@reitir.is.

2819 m2
Available upon signing
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